Producer from St. Petersburg, Russia. An artist by education and a fashion model in the past, Vladimir Borovikov launched his career in the music industry as a composer and a guitar player in his home studio. He collaborated with multiple Russian and international musicians and some of his tracks were released by the Russian and British independent music labels, as well as broadcasted on a radio in France. In 2010, together with a popular singer Nina Karlsson, Vladimir started a band called “Volna”, where he acted as a composer, sound designer and a guitar player. While active, this duo released an album titled “The First Recordings” and a New Years single “Christmas” that was featured on the “NG15” compilation album released by the “Afisha-Volna” magazine. Following the separation of the band in 2016, Vladimir became a producer for emerging artists. His vast experience in the music and fashion industries makes him a competent advisor in everything starting from the music repertoire and artistic mastery, to personal image and mentality of the artist. His main focus is on identifying and developing unique aspects of each artist he gets to work with. He works with a network of internationally acknowledged music industry professionals and offers a full spectrum of services, from writing your first song to signing your first contract with a music label.

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